ECI Hot Rod Brakes

ECI Hanging Pedal Assemblies

ECI introduces our under dash master cylinder, power booster and clutch mounting systems. These are the most compact under dash mounts available.

Under dash mount master cylinder and power brake mounting systems
The power booster mount is available in 7" single or 8" dual diaphragm booster. The manual brake system can be used in either high or low mount configuration for added under dash component clearance. All of these mounts will accept the bolt on modular hydraulic clutch pedal assembly. Kits come with hardware and brake light switch. Call for details on remote fill options.
Manual brake mount w/mcyl
EC-590M - $ 315.00

Power brake mount w/7" booster and mcyl.
EC-590P - $ 455.00

Above with 8" Dual Diaphragm booster
EC-5908DD - $ 500.00

Bolt on Clutch Pak w/clutch m/cyl.
(available w/all configurations)
EC-590C - $ 275.00




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