ECI Hot Rod Brakes

Firewall Mounted Brake and Clutch Master Cylinder Mounting Systems

ECI has introduced several new under dash master cylinder, power booster and clutch mounting systems. These are the most compact under dash mounts available.

ECI Mini-Mount Pedal Assemblies

These firewall mounts are the smallest, most compact firewall mounted pedal assemblies available. They are ideal for cars with minimal volume behind the dashboard. A compact bell crank mechanism allows these pedal assemblies to project less than 6 inches from the firewall.

The 3 inch centerline offset allows for additional booster or master cylinder clearance from the engine enabling the use of larger diameter boosters for more assist, and/or the use of taller valve covers, while maintaining correct brake pedal position.

Mini-Mounts are available in power brake, manual brake, and hydraulic clutch configurations, and come complete with pedal pads, brake light switch, and hardware. Clutch mounts come with starter safety switches standard.

Manual Brake mount with m/cyl.
EC-595M - $ 325.00

Power Brake mount with 7" booster and m/cyl.
EC-595P - $ 455.00

Above with 8" DD booster
EC-5958DD - $ 515.00

Clutch mount with clutch m/cyl.
EC-595C - $ 300.00

Mini-Mount Combination Mounts
Our firewall mount combination systems are offered with our 7" single or 8" dual diaphragm booster units or manual brake option. Our 3" centerline offset is standard. These units share a common mounting surface for the brake and clutch. Kits come with power brake or manual brake units, clutch master cylinder, hardware, pedals with pads, brake light switch, starter safety switch for the clutch and dashboard interface supports.
Manual Brake and clutch
EC-595MC - $ 625.00

Power Brake and clutch with 7" booster
EC-595PC - $ 750.00

Power Brake and clutch with 8" booster
EC-5958DDC - $ 800.00

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