ECI Hot Rod Brakes

ECI Disc Brake Components

Residual Pressure Valves
Inline residual pressure valves are required when using master cylinders without internal residual valves or in the drum brake circuit of a disc/drum system using a 4 wheel disc brake master cylinder. 10 psi valve used for drum brake systems only. 2 psi valve used can be used as an anti-siphon valve in a disc brake system. 10 psi valve is not required in a disc/drum system when using EC-525 proportioning valve. Specify line size when ordering.
EC-650 - 2 psi R.P.V. $ 30.00
EC-655 - 10 psi R.P.V. $ 30.00

Bearings and Seals
Bearing and seal kits for our brake kits come with 2 new inner and 2 new outer bearings and races and 2 new grease seals (except EC-703, 721, 721F). Specify kit number when ordering.
For EC-710-736 - (except EC-703, 721, 721F):
EC-760 - $ 60.00

For EC-703, 721, 721F:
EC-760A - $ 55.00

For EC-700:
EC-760B - $ 120.00

Front Disc Brake Combination Valve
The combination valve is a hold-off/metering valve and rear brake proportioning valve in one common body. Used in most disc/drum systems.
Combination Valve:
EC-525 - $ 95.00

All ECI rotors are brand new and are manufactured by a major American brake products company. They are the highest quality rotors available anywhere.
70-77 Camaro/Firebird & 73-76 Chevelle/Monte Carlo, ect:
EC-900 - $ 150.00 /pair

67-69 Camaro/Firebird, 69-72 Chevelle/Monte Carlo, ect 69-74 Nova, ect:
EC-901 - $ 195.00 /pair

75-81 Aspen/Volare/Diplomat ect:
EC-902 - $ 160.00 /pair

75-80 Granada/ Monarch:
EC-903 - $ 160.00 /pair

79-81 Trans-Am rear disc - 4-3/4" and 4-1/2" bolt circles:
EC-905M - $ 165.00 /pair

73-93 Ford F100/150:
EC-906 - $ 175.00 /pair

Drilled Rotors
Cross drilled rotors are available for all ECI disc brake conversions.
add.......$ 50.00 per rotor

Rubber Brake Hose Kit
These are GM type rubber hoses for the 69-up GM single piston type caliper. Kit comes with two hoses, caliper attaching bolts and 4 sealing gaskets. (front hoses only)
69-77 GM:
EC-750 - $ 75.00 /pair

78-up GM:
EC-751 - $ 65.00 /pair

Vacuum Brake Hose
The correct rubber hose designed specifically for vacuum brake booster applications. Not a fuel line or hydraulic hose.
Vacuum Hose:
EC-630 - $ 2.00 /ft.

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