ECI Hot Rod Brakes

Compact Underfloor Brake And Clutch Master Cylinder Mounting Systems

ECI introduces our inline mounted brake and clutch system. Optional flat round pedals are available at extra cost.

ECI Inline Brake and Clutch Mount
The INLINE MOUNT brake and clutch assembly is the ultimate in compact brake and clutch m/cyl. mounting. Unique inline design using an offset bell crank allows the master cylinder or power booster to be mounted farther rearward and inline with the clutch master for additional clutch and shifting linkage clearance at the front, and additional space for exhaust system routing in the rear. These pedal assemblies use a unique front mount pedal pivot shaft attachment system where the pedals and pivot shaft are installed from the front of the bracket rather than the side, allowing for additional side clearance.

Mounting brackets are available in both power and manual brake configurations and come with new boosters and/or cylinders, standard flat pedals, pedal pads and hardware. Remote filling systems available-call for info.

EC-596M - $ 450.00
EC-596P - $ 575.00

ECI “Flat Round” Brake and Clutch Pedals
Now you can have the early car look of round pedal shafts as an option for your ECI under floor pedal assemblies. These pedals are available in a “Flat Round” configuration, which allows for offsetting the pedal by bending it in the lower section.

Pedals are supplied with early Ford style round pedal pads with your choice of offset or end mount pad attachments (rectangular pads are also available). Either type mount uses a concealed welding attachment for the ultimate in clean looking round shaft brake and clutch pedals, the perfect finishing touch to your cars interior.

Specify “Flat Round” configuration and pedal attachment preference options when ordering basic pedal assembly.
Additional Charges for round pedals

EC"Flat Round" - $ 60.00 ea. or $ 100.00 pr.

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