ECI Hot Rod Brakes

Chevrolet Master Cylinder/Power Brake Booster Mounting Systems

Chevrolet Passenger Car and Pickup
Power Booster/Master Cylinder Systems
These systems come complete with new 7” booster and master cylinder assemblies and adapter brackets. They mount in the stock location and the original brake pedal is utilized.

55-64 Chevy passenger car power booster/master cylinder with mounting assembly
EC-600 - $315.00


55-64 Chevy passenger car w/8" dual diaphragm power booster
Same as above, but with 8" booster (60% more assist) for small blocks only.
EC-6008D - $350.00

55-62 Chevy passenger car - Offset 8" power booster/master cylinder. Mounting bracket moves booster over 2" and up 1" for big block valve cover clearance. Bolts to stock location and pedal.
EC-6208DD Complete booster kit - $475.00
EC-620A Bracket assembly only - $315.00


47-54 Chevy pick-up power booster/master cylinder with mounting assembly
EC-505 - $425.00


55-59 Chevy pick-up power booster/master cylinder with mounting assembly
EC-515 - $425.00


Chevy Pickup Truck Adapters
47-54 Chevy P/U — Adapts either EC-445 or EC-446 master cylinder to the stock brake pedal in the stock master cylinder location. Supplied with pushrod, rod end, hardware and new boot.
EC-420 - $89.95

55-59 Chevy P/U —Same as EC-420 but for 55-59 Chevy P/U. Uses stock brake pedal.
EC-425 - $165.00

Master Cylinder Adapter Kits
Chevy Passenger Car Adapters
37-39 Chevrolet — Adapts Mustang master cylinder to 37-39 Chevrolet passenger car. Uses stock Chevy brake and clutch pedal (if desired) and pedal pivot shaft. Comes complete with hardware, pushrod, and master cylinder boot.
EC-430 - $165.00

40-54 Chevrolet —Same type as EC-430 for 40-54 Chevy (except convertibles).
EC-440 - $165.00 (automatic only)

EC-440S - $200.00 (standard shift)

1953-62 Corvette Dual Master Cylinder Conversion - Mounts dual manual master cylinder lower and farther forward to clear hood. Mounts in stock location.
EC-850 - $300.00

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