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Welcome to the ECI Internet site and thank you for your interest in our products. As you progress through our site, we are sure you will realize that ECI has spent the last 30+ years developing the most complete line of street rod brake systems and components available anywhere. Street rod brake systems are not only our business - but also our specialty. We can supply brake system components for your rod from the basic brackets and hardware up to and including complete front and rear brake systems - from "Lo-buck to Hi-tech".

We also offer a complete line of master cylinder and power brake mounting assemblies unmatched by any other manufacture in our industry. Our street rod power brake system have been designed and developed specifically for street rod applications and to provide you with true power brake performance - along with dual master cylinder safety.

We are always expanding our product line to include complete rear drum brake overhaul kits for more popular GM and Ford rear axles currently in use and our brake system accessory section can provide you with virtually everything you'll need to install a complete brake system on your rod.  ECI is always innovating and now we offer Zero Offset Disc Brakes Conversion kits for your Chevy!

Our latest product addition:

 Inline Brake Light Switch 
ECI Universal Brake Assist Tired of continuously replacing your outdated, unreliable hydraulic brake light switch? ECI has developed an inline brake light actuating assembly using a heavy duty electrical switch that has no exposure to the brake fluid in the system.

Click here for more details on our exciting new development.

Here are some of our other offerings:
Chevy Zero Offset Disc Conversions
Sample of EC-708 Complete Kit These conversions combined the basic kits, your stock spindles and our proven aluminum hubs and dust covers to install 11 inch diameter rotors and big piston GM calipers with no wheel offset. No machine work is required.

Click here for more details on these 55-58, 59-64, and 65-68 Chevy kits.

GM "Narrow Track" Disc Conversions

GM subframes front track widths are often too wide for rods on early trucks. If you need additional tire to fender clearance this new kit narrows the track width 2" on factory disc brake installations, and 1" on drum brake equipped subframes.

This new kit used the big piston GM calipers (stock units will work) and 11" diameter rotors on custom billet aluminum hubs.

Click here for more details on these 68-74 Nova, 67-69 Camaro, 64-72 Chevelle, and GTO kits.


Mustang II "Big Brake" Kit
EC-704CK We've done it! ECI has developed a Mustang II/ Pinto BIG BRAKE KIT that's perfect for your street rod. By combining components from existing kits, we can now offer 11" diameter rotors, BIG GM calipers and our aluminum hubs. This kit provides 65% more braking with no wheel offset! No other "Big Brake Kit" can offer this at any price! DOES NOT MOVE WHEELS OUT

Click here for more details
Popular Items From Customers Like You:
65-67 Mustag Kit (EC-737CK) This kit is a bolt on to your stock Mustang V8 car spindle using our aluminum hub, 11 in. dia. rotors, and BOG piston GM calipers.
Our new Chrysler product disc brake conversions are designed to bolt on to your stock factory Chrysler drum brake spindles with no machine work required. The steering arms, ball joints and suspension components are retained. These conversions use our aluminum hubs and dust covers, 11 inch diameter rotors and big piston GM calipers. These calipers offer 15-25% more braking then the later Chrysler factor 'B' body brake systems without changing spindles!
37-41 Dodge and Plymouth passenger car (EC-757CK)

46-54 Dodge and Plymouth passenger car and 
55 Plymouth passenger car with 10" drums

55-56 Dodge and Plymouth passenger car (EC-759CK)

57-61 Dodge and Plymouth passenger car and
58-61 Chrysler

65-72 'A' Body cars with 10" drums (EC-767CK)

62-72 'B' Body and 70-72 'E' Body cars (EC-768CK)

65-72 'C' Body cars (EC-769CK)

Our components are ENGINEERED and designed to provide you with the ultimate in safety and performance. Our manufacturing methods are state-of-the-art and insure a product that is not only safe but fits and functions without compromises. Not only do OUR KITS FIT, but they work - and they work every time.

At any time, just click the Catalog menu selection to view our catalog or enter a keyword in our new site search above to get you started.

Thank you for your interest in our products and we hope that you will let us become your "One Stop Brake Shop".

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